NEW: Olay Sensitive Body Wash

Sensitive BWI LOVE Olay Body Wash and was so, so psyched with this new sensitive iteration came out. This summer, at the StyleCaster Hamptons House, Beauty High‘s Augusta Faletta and I discussed how much we adore it at length. So when we were at a P&G beauty event last week and we were gifted with a gigantic bottle of the sensitive formula, we both had mini meltdowns about it, especially since we ALREADY received a sample to test, so it was even MORE thrilling. I thought I’d do a standard review, including Kanye West’s quote from “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” when “they” say he talks with so much emphasis (ooh, they so sensitive!). But then, I realized, what says it better than this text exchange I had with Augusta re: this body wash?

photo (2)


Okay? Olay Sensitive Body Wash contains an entire JAR of Olay moisturizer and is available in January, $5.50

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