Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

1. If Oprah’s Golden Globes speech left you wanting more Oprah in your life, look no further than the new Oprah Barbie. Ahead of A Wrinkle In Time’s release, Mattel has designed dolls for characters Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey), Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), and Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon).

2. Watch aesthetician Melanie Simon teach you how to properly apply your toner in this video (spoiler: you shouldn’t swipe or rub).

3. Bite Beauty will be releasing limited edition lipsticks each month that correspond with astrological signs. Each shade had been designed specially with that astrological sign in mind and in consultation with Tara Greene, “a psychic astrologer, tarot, tea, and lipstick reader”. Each lipstick will be on sale at Sephora; this month’s Aquarius lipstick has already sold out.

4. In the event that you couldn’t be front row and/or backstage at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, feast your eyes on these photos from the runway. My personal favorite is #12.


5. Mark your calendars for January 31, 2018and set your timers to 5:51 a.m. EST to see the second full moon of the month, also known as a blue moon! [Spares you a “once in a blue moon” joke]. Not only is this moon a blue moon, it is a super blue moon, meaning this blue moon is also a super moon (a full moon that occurs when the Moon is closest to Earth).


6. Kardashian conspiracy theory of the week: one of the images in the recent Kardashian Calvin Klein campaign features a Kim imposter. Close up photos of “Kim” do not really resemble the real-life version, leading some to speculate that this is a doppelganger of some sort. The more likely explanation was that this was overzealous Photoshop, but who doesn’t like a good conspiracy?


—Obianuju Enworom

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