Primping All Over The World: Asia


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I need you to know that this delightful, extra quiet (convenient, as my travel roommate loved to start blow-drying her hair approximately two hours into my night’s sleep in the bedroom) blow-dryer with a STRAIGHTENING ATTACHMENT is not one that I brought with me, it came with my room at the Foto Hotel in Phuket, Thailand. I also experienced standard-issue straightening attachments in Bangkok and Seoul. There’s a reason there is a plethora of good, tamed hair all over this continent and that is because Asians’ commitment to defrizzing is real and deep.  In America, I’m always battling with a Conair sans attachment with technology that likely hails from a decade ago.

Have you experienced these epic hotel dryers in Asia? Tell me everything in the comments.

Primping All Over The World is a series featuring beauty customs I learn about in my travels. It’s all very Margaret Mead.

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