The Temptu Air Is Key To A Flawless Face Without Filters

temptuHow many times have you applied **flawless** makeup, only to step outside and feel like all your blending was in vain (pun intended)? Enter the Temptu Air. This airbrush tool provides complete coverage, in the easiest form.

temptu2The original Temptu gives the same flawless finish, but it’s big and I have no space for it in my bathroom (#nyclife) so I can’t reasonably use it everyday.  This smaller one fits perfectly in my makeup bag. It’s easy and pretty intuitive to use. You can quickly do your whole face with the three various speed settings and soft-touch control (which regulates the amount of makeup released). Speed setting two is perfect for foundation and with the soft-touch control, you can adjust the amount of coverage you want. Switch out the pod and apply your blush and then switch it one more time for highlighter. Plus it’s totally mess-free so you don’t have to clean any brushes, nor wash your hands multiple times. Check out this tutorial.

—Julia Casella

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