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Dove White Beauty Bar

Dove recognizes that our mother’s beauty habits influence ours the most. To wit, I would never dream of putting powder on my face because my mother readily eschews it and currently looks about 50 at the ripe age of 70. Everyone knows part of the fun of beauty products is getting madly evangelical about your favorites with your friends and family. So the brand has launched Dove Beauty Stories: Four Generations campaign and film, which encourages women to honor the women in their lives that have taught them how to live beautifully.  In celebration of the iconic Dove Beauty Bar, a product that has been passed down among women for nearly 60 years, the campaign is set to inspire the next generation with the lessons, tips and advice they have learned through the power of storytelling.

Documented in the film is the story of one real family that wrote a letter to Dove thanking the brand for the message they stand for and the products they offer. The Dove Beauty Bar has become their family beauty secret that has been passed down through four generations of women along with lessons of beauty and confidence. Dove captured their story to illustrate the impact women have on each other’s beauty habits and perceptions. The film is meant to inspire other women to pass down their personal beauty stories and celebrate the women who have influenced them.


Share your own #BeautyStory and celebrate the real women who have inspired you. Watch the Dove Beauty Stories film on YouTube and be inspired to share your own on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #BeautyStory.

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