Transitioning To Spring Skin Care With Roc


Transitioning isn’t easy, as everyone knows from Bruce Jenner’s epic 20/20 interview. Switching out your skin care for lighter formulas, however, doesn’t have to be mystifying. I caught up with dermatologist Joshua Zeichner for tips on what to keep in mind when implementing your spring skin strategy.

R18: How do we transition our skin-care regimens for warmer weather? 

Dr. Joshua Zeichner: As spring weather arrives, humidity in the air increases and temperatures rise, creating a friendlier environment for your skin.  Much of the intense moisturizing of the winter will no longer be necessary, and you can adjust your skin regimen to the change in season.  This includes changes to both your moisturizer and your cleanser.

R18: What should those with dry skin do when switching out products for spring? 

JZ: While the weather may change, your genes do not.  Dry skin may be worse during the winter time but sticks around during the warmer months as well.  Thick, occlusive ointment moisturizers may have been needed to keep the skin in check during winter, but may not be needed in spring.  Advances in formulation technology have created new moisturizer vehicles that feel light on the skin but give as good hydration as heavier ointments.  These include gel moisturizers and lotions that feel hydrate like creams.

rocR18: How about those with oily skin? 

JZ: Skin oil may not seem as much of a problem during the winter when the weather was cold and dry.  In the spring and summer, as you sweat more, oil may make the skin start to feel greasy or sticky.  You may want to switch out your cleanser as the climate changes. A gentle exfoliating cleanser, like RoC® MAX Resurfacing Facial Cleanser, can both remove makeup, oil and dirt as well as improve dullness by exfoliating dead cells that build up during the winter.

R18: And those with normal skin? 

JZ: Winter stresses can dry out even skin that you would consider normal during other seasons.  With the start of spring you will want to make sure you are diligent in applying sunscreen.  Even incidental daily sun exposure adds up over a lifetime.  In the winter you may have left the house before the sun rose and came home afterwards, but in the spring, you will start to be exposed again and need to take daily precautions.

How are you changing up your cleansers and moisturizers for warmer weather?

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