The Secret To Olivia Palermo's Braid

olivia-palermo-braid-photoHairstylist Lacy Redway created this three-to-four strand French braid for Olivia Palermo’s New York City Ballet 2015 Spring Gala appearance last night. “I prepped Olivia’s hair with Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Gel all over the head to add volume and texture. I rough dried with my Amika Blow Dryer to make the hair a little easier to grip as I braid,” explains Lacy.

“I then started off with a French braid (three strand) and once I got to the middle of the braid, I finished off with a four strand braid to add a little more pizzazz. I tied off the end with an elastic and finished withSerge Normant Meta Lux Hairspray to lock fly aways in place.”

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