5 Things To Know About Urban Decay's New Flagship Store

On November 20, Urban Decay opened its first free-standing story in all the purple, glamorous glory you’d expect from the brand.

Credit: Refinery29

Credit: Refinery29

1. There’s An Eye Shadow Flag

The sovereign nation of Urban Decay features its own flag comprised of eye shadow. And you don’t even need a visa, nor a passport to frequent it.

IMG_0508 (1)2. It’s The Only Place To Score The Vice Ltd Palette. 

Yup, if you’re coveting that Roadstrip virtual violet shade in the middle, you’re gonna have to make a sojourn over to Fashion Island in Newport Beach to pick that shit up. Sing “The O.C.” theme song while you’re there and treat yourself to a manic Marissa-in-Tijuana meltdown of an evening. The margs in Laguna Beach are choice.

IMG_0504 (1)3. It Boasts A Dog-themed Bathroom. 

Founder Wende held a photo shoot with the employees’ and friends’ dogs to decorate the loo. Cute, no?


4. And a chain-delier. 

To reflect the edgy, cool vibe of the brand, Wende had this sick, silver chandelier installed in the store.

FullSizeRender (11)

5. A Massive Selection of UD products.

Plus, there’s a photo booth, so you can show off the makeup artist’s handiwork after your makeover.


The Urban Decay flagship is located at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. CAers — will you hit it up?




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