Introducing RoC Academy: Get Insider Access To The Latest Anti-Aging Technology

This post is sponsored by Roc but all opinions on the product are my own. RoC Academy Screen Grabs-1 At R18 HQ, we take anti-aging as seriously as Okinawan antagonist-turned-good-guy Sato takes honor in Karate Kid 2. To that end, allow me to paraphrase the sage Jay-Z: When it comes to really effective retinols, “we be the R.O.C .. y’all get your [skin care info] from us. So RoC skincare has recently launched the #RoCAcademy, an interactive e-learning class (check it out here) to help you learn the ins and outs of basic anti-aging history, ingredients and science. The first part of the series (Course One) covers the science of wrinkles and discusses the differences between retinoids. From the academy, you’ll have the ability to share via social media,take quizzes and create a fact sheet after taking the course. I learned that RoC Skincare launched the first pure, stabilized form of retinol in 1995, that retinoids all come from Vitamin A, but they differ in their effects. Last, the e-learning course covers one of the most important facts those who aren’t in the beauty industry may not be aware of — that retinol is safe to use during the day. One to try? I’m a fan of RoC’s Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30’s elegant texture and quick absorption. What’s your stance on retinols?

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