I Like Big Bubbles And I Cannot Lie

The media creates unrealistic expectations. Of bubble baths. Seriously, when was the last time you were able to bathe in bubbles this big?

julia roberts bath
I’ve tried! And after throwing loads of bath bombs, body washes, powders and more in the tub in an attempt to get major volume, I think I’ve got it (as well as a clogged bath and a mad super). Here are my favorite ways to soak in style:
Coconut Frosting Philosophy ($17):  You will feel as if you are inside of clouds made of coconut.
Mr. Bubble: Classic, cheap and pink!
L’Occitaine Lavande ($34): Your whole house turns into a lavender field.

Library of Flowers True Vanilla ( $36):  This is totally divine and the bottle is so gorgeous.
Johnson Bedtime Baby Bath : If this doesn’t make you sleep like a baby, then I don’t know what (non-prescription) product will.
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