Stashing In Every Pocket And Purse: John Masters Organics Lip Calm

lip calm


This weather. I cannot.

I’ve had to reassess my lip-balm strategy this winter, now that we’ve endured several days in NYC with single-digit temps and my new favorite that I canNOT be hyperbolic enough about is John Masters Lip Calm. It does exactly that: It hydrates element-ravaged pouts with its emollient (though unglossy enough for gentlemen) citrus-scented organic blend. It’s thicker than your average balm, but less gloopy while it’s getting the job done. It also doesn’t do that messed-up thing where it infuses lips with moisture only to suck that hydration back out like Mega-Maid’s vacuum in “Space Balls” hours later.

Get involved with the John Masters Organics Lip Calm, $6 at

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