Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara Review

Natural and mascara don’t tend to pair too often in the beauty world, but the trepid Ashleigh Ciucci, BBJ Official Mascara Correspondent is here to test-drive Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara. How does she fare? Read on and find out.

Generally speaking I don’t immediately run to a skin care company for their mascara choices. However cult-fave Dr. Hauschka has created a great soft mascara.
With a medium pine-tree-shaped brush, one coat of this moist formula gives great coverage and super fluffy lashes. There’s lots of playtime so when it comes to coat two, the build up is soft and tapered. No clumps at all, just full soft lashes with a bit of curl.

My afternoon touch-up didn’t even bring the clump, just a thickened look while still being tapered. The only downer is that I cried (damn you heartwarming cat video!) the mascara totally ran and bled. While it didn’t sting or turn my eyes red, it isn’t the desired effect.

Because its water-soluable nature, it makes it super easy to wash off with soap and water! I’m on the fence in regards to recommending this one because of it’s running, but it’s a great mazzie! Purchase at your own risk!–Ashleigh Ciucci

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