Channeling a Look: Ugly Betty’s Amanda

Ugly Betty is totes on a summer hiatus, but that isn’t stopping me from using the phrase WWAD at least weekly. In addition to enorm hair, push-up bras, and a jealousy-inducing wardrobe of belts, the key to Amanda’s look is eyeliner. Clearly, while I’ve been channeling her, she’s been channeling Brigitte Bardot. Whom I ush channel, which is probably why I am so into Amanda’s lifestyle. Anyway. To Amanda-fy myself, I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden’s Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Espresso. During the week, I am far too rushed to use gel eyeliner AND a brush, so I usually just use a pencil. This one is so long-lasting (my eyes were perfectly intact after a half hour swim!), that I’ve been known to rock it on the weekends as well. I also love it for under eye lining, for which I always use a pencil instead of a gel. Gel eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes is too… goopy. I can’t deal. BTW, if you don’t watch Ugly Betty, you’re SO missing out. Do so if only just for the fashion.

Lastly, here’s the Amand-ecdote that inspired my girlcrush on her:
Amanda aspires to marry royalty, preferably a duke, as “a prince would be too much pressure”.

Amanda, I feel the SAME way.

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