Met Ball 2013 Hairstyle: Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks‘ shoes, dress and hairstyle SLAYED on the red carpet last night at the Met Ball 2013. Hairstylist Matthew Monzon created the star’s hair look. Says Monzon, 
“Elizabeth wore an amazing Versace gold chain dress with a custom pair of Brian Atwood Shoes (her date).  With the drama of the outfit, we didn’t want her hair to be too insane, so we tried to downplay it a little bit, but keep the punk effect.  We came up with a cool, sleek ponytail that had a sculptural effect when fused to the head with barrettes in the back.“ Here’s how to get the look.

  1. Spray a generous amount of Davines Melu Shied ($31.50/ onto damp hair.  Follow by putting a healthy amount of Davines For Wizards No 3 Universal Mattering Mousse ($26/ throughout the hair along with a few pumps of Davines OI/OIL ($39.50/ on the ends.
  2. Blow dry with a big paddle brush to try to maintain the sleek straightness, avoiding any “bend.”  Add extensions, when desired.  
  3. Create a masculine, sleek square look in the front.  Once the squareness is established, pull hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head.  Do this by first focusing on pulling hair from the nape, then the sides, and lastly the top. Secure with a bungee band and take a 1/4 inch of hair and wrap it around to hide the band.
  4. Use 3x 2 1/2 inch goody barrettes and secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck, holding the ponytail to the head, which gives a good, strong structural shape.  
What do you think of Elizabeth Banks’ Met Ball look? Yay or nay? 

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