Fitness Blogging Junkie: Aqua Studio Review


At brunch a few weeks ago, one of my many financial gig bosses/friend Heather told me about Aqua Studio, a fitness craze that’s just crossed the pond from France involving spinning in a pool. Envisioning rusty bikes and resistance beyond a 40 torq in Flywheel terms, I thought it just had to be ridiculous. Then, Dina convinced me to try it with her this past weekend and I’m now HOOKED. 

The 45-minute class contains 13 people max and combines everything I love about swimming with everything I love about the high-energy workout of spinning. Truth be told, swimming is my absolute favorite workout–one I’d do solely if I weren’t so vain about my hair. It assassinates my color. Luckily, your locks barely experience a spray in the 4-foot deep pool and you’re in up to your waist most of the time, your shoulders a bit of the time for abs and stretching. 

Aqua Studio’s synchronicity made me feel very Esther Williams. It’s also women-only, kind of nice, if you’d rather not flash your bathing suit bod in the company of gentlemen. Also, rock your swimsuit to the class. I’d advise a swim-team Speedo to cut down on potential wedgies, but there were women in bikinis and beach-babe maillots, as well. After the session, I felt refreshed and energized, unlike how drained I feel after my usual spinning or barre classes. The candles and gentle ambiance would also make for an excellent nighttime workout, as well. 

I do think it’s incredibly overpriced at a whopping $40 a session (which does not include $2 for the aqua slipper shoes you need), but it’s an awesome workout that’s FUN and you’ll sleep like a baby afterward. 

In short? Do as Johnny Castle did and take your workout routine to the water. 

Aqua Studio is located at 78 Franklin Street in TriBeCa, New York. 

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