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Julie Giusti is a blogging veteran and currently is social media manager at The former Allure staffer and beauty buff always tells it straight, so I hit her up for her Five Rules. In Julie’s words:

1. Brevity is kind.
Should we communicate in 140 characters IRL? No, that would be frustrating. But whether you’re shooting off a friendly email, giving directions over the phone, or recapping a traumatizing episode of Downton Abbey with a co-worker, concise expression is essential. Not to be way harsh, Tai, but no one besides your mother is processing your words beyond a certain point. Keep it interesting—stick to the essentials.

2. Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and frizz (for some of us).
OK, that’s not really a rule. Maybe the rule is to never be without a hair tie if humidity makes your hair mushroom like an ancillary character in Super Mario Land. Whatever. The point is, always have a backup plan.

3. Be polite by default.
Everyone gets preoccupied by their thoughts—no one is fully mentally and physically present 100% of the time. Like the time I pulled into a gas station and asked for a Venti Pike instead of $20 regular. These things happen. But I don’t get it when people are rude to strangers for no reason. Even on auto-pilot, you can still be kind, smile, say please, thank you, and excuse yourself when necessary. Why? Because there’s no reason not to.

4. Know yourself inside and out.
Know what you love and what you hate. Know what you’ll aways defend and what you’ll never defend. Know what jeans make your ass look huge. Know the people and places that make you feel alive. Know what annoys you and what makes you annoying. Know what makes you dance, smile, and laugh really, really hard. Know what makes you cry (and stay away from it). Self-awareness is healing and freeing—when you know exactly who you are, nobody can mess with you, darling.

5. Measure your life in love.
I’ve been obsessed with this line from my favorite musical since I was 14, but it didn’t truly resonate until I started working in women’s magazines. Your career, your style, and your lunch habits don’t define your character. (Sure, I’m a label snob, and I totally judge your iPhone 3GS (really?) but that’s just for fun.) At the end of the day, your relationships are what matter, and how treat the people you love is what defines you as a person. Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So true. Pass it on 🙂

Thanks, Julie! More Five Rules to come.

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