Official Mascara Correspondent: Bella Pierre Lash Building Mascara

This week, Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci is back with another review, this time of Bella Pierre Lash Building Mascara. How does she fare? Read on and find out.

I’d never heard of Bella Pierre so I was looking forward to trying their mazzie. The brush is nothing special (slim firm spiral), but it really worked in the uber-creamy formula. There’s a lot of playtime with coat one and I was left with lots of tapered length and separation.

It built up nicely after coat two; I would say it doubled each lash with a lot of lift. I was able to build up a lot with my afternoon touch-up and my lashes almost looked like falsies.

While I needed eye makeup remover at the end of the night, I really dig this mascara. Buy this baby!

Buy Bella Pierre Lash Building Mascara retails for $20 at

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