Anne Hathaway’s Oscars 2011 Hair Color

Anne & her highlights, with spicy James Franco.

I think I speak for BBJ Nation when I say we ALL want to know every single detail about Anne Hathaway‘s Oscar hair color. Right? The woman behind the mane is Marie Robinson of the Marie Robinson salon, who colored the host’s hair in the week prior to the show. Read on to get the deets…

“Anne had been loving her current shade, so we didn’t want to make any drastic changes,” stated Marie. “I applied various shades of dark golden blonde and honey to create a warmer tone. We also applied a gloss color to create a more shiny look overall.” To prepare for the numerous costume changes that Anne displayed throughout the night, Robinson made sure to strategically place highlights in various places to accommodate her various hairstyles.

As for whether the star appeared to be nervous prior to her important hosting gig, Robinson said that Anne was “calm, cool and collected as always,” showing extreme patience throughout the color process “Even when I had to rinse her hair out in sections over the sink!”

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