Oscars Makeup: Anne Hathaway

Kate Lee created Oscar winner Anne Hathaway‘s marvelous makeup look. Says Lee, “My  inspiration  for  Annie’s  look  came  from  the  color  of  the  beautiful  delicate  pink  dress.  Annie  looked  instantly  statuesque  the  moment  she  put  it  on  and  I  felt  that  this  dress  was  worthy  of  some  classical  “Movie  Star  Beauty”.  No tricks,  just  attention  to  detail,  timeless  beauty  and  glamour. “

Great  long  wearing  foundation  begins  with  proper  skincare.  
Annie’s  skin  was  given  a  good  dose  of  hydration  with  CHANEL  Hydra  
Beauty  Serum,  followed  by  Laura  Mercier  Hydrating  Foundation  Primer.  
I  wanted  to  make  sure  that  we  still saw  the  quality  and  
texture  of  Annie’s  skin  but  make  sure  that  the  velvety  finish  would  stay  
put  throughout.  I  used  a  combination  of  CHANEL  Vitalumière  Aqua  Ultra-­‐
Light  Skin  Perfecting  Sunscreen  Makeup  Broad  Spectrum  SPF  15  to  make  
the  skin  uniform  and  add  luminosity.  Then  I  used  just  a  li le  
CHANEL  Perfect on  Lumière  Long-­‐Wear  Flawless  Fluid  Sunscreen  
Makeup  Broad  Spectrum  SPF  15  only  where  needed.  The  cheekbones,  
jaw  line,  bridge  of  nose  and  crest  of  upper  lip  were  highlighted  using  Make  Up  Forever  UpLight.  To  complement  the  highlighting and  to  carve  out  the  cheekbones,  I  used  Illamasqua  Cream  Color  Pigment  in  Hollow.  Once  I  had  my  perfect  canvas,  I  set  everything  in  place  with  Cle  De  Peau  translucent  loose  powder.  
The  cheeks  were  mainly  sculpted  during  the  application  of  the  base,  highlighter  and  shading  color,  but  to  finish  
the  look  and  add  a  li le  flush  I  lightly  dusted  just  the  apples  of  her  cheeks  with  CHANEL  Powder  Blush  in  Star  Dust.  
I  started  by  priming  the  lid  with  Laura  Mercier’s  Eye  Canvas  to  help  keep  the  shadow  in  place.  The  eyes  were  a  beautiful  lilac  grey  shadow  blended  into  a  so  almond  shape  that  followed  Annie’s  socket  line.    I  then  traced  a  black  line  across  the  outer  two  thirds  on  the  lash  line  and  tapered  it  into  a  gentle  flick. 
I  always  use  waterproof  mascara  for  awards  ceremonies,  especially  when  my  client  is  a  nominee!  I  curled  the  lashes  and  applied  one  generous  coat  of  CHANEL  Inimitable  Waterproof  Mascara  in  Noir  from  root  to  tip,  top  and  bottom.  Waterproof  mascara  generally  dries  faster  and  helps  hold  in  the  curl.  I  custom-­‐made  the  lashes  to  fit  Annie’s  eye  
shape  and  to  finish  the  look.  
EYEBROWS:  I  took  my  time sculpting  the  shape.  The  brows  were  combed  into  shape  and  intensified  by  using  Anastasia’s  
Brow  Wiz  Pencil  in  Brune,  which  I  then  blended  using  a  stiff angled  brush.  Once  I  had  the  shape  I  wanted,  I  added  a  coat  of  Anastasia’s  Brow  Gel  to  hold  them  in  shape.  
Annie  has  full  and  perfectly  balanced  lips.  I  wanted  to  avoid  matching  the  lips  to  the  dress  so  I  chose  a  shade  slightly  more  intense  and  then  blended  it  down  until I  got  just  the  right  shade.  The  lip  color  was  CHANEL  Rouge  Allure  Luminous  
Intense  Lip  Colour  in  Sèduisante  with  just  a  dab  of  concealer  mixed  in  to  make  it  one  shade  lighter.  I  sent  her  on  her  way  with  a  powder  puff  and  her  lip  color.

What did you think of Anne Hathaway’s makeup at the Oscars? And are you an Anne Hathaway hater? I was always on team her until the “It came true!” moment. It seemed the opposite of modest. That said, her win was well deserved. Talk to me in the comments.

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