Lalicious Sugar Kiss Lip Butter Review

By Julia Casella

Last week my lips were cracked and chapped and I wanted to cry. Seriously, it was that bad. And just when I thought I had exhausted all my options ($75 lip balm, anyone?) relief came from a random trip I had made to the drug store months ago. You know those times when you last minute feel compelled to buy something (usually this happens to people with the gum or candy they have at the register but I guess for me it happens with chap stick) so then you just throw it in your cart, never to be seen again?

Well that was how I acquired La Licious Sugar Kiss Lip Butter and as I popped the cap off the new balm, I prayed it would help. And it did. Their blend of shea butter, natural oils and vitamin E saved my lips. Seriously, it is one thing to make soft lips softer, and another thing entirely to make really terrible cracked and dry lips full again.

Let random, last-minute purchases live on!

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