Five Rules For Life: Bren Gomez

Today’s Five Rules For Life edition features Bren Gomez, LA-based writer of the blog OMG Bren and one of my favorite people to dish with on Twitter. Check out her rules, in her words.

1. Date Yourself
Shave your legs, put some makeup on, and take your fine ass to the movies. Or to the park. Anywhere. If you’re not already in the practice of spending some quality time by yourself and doing things for yourself simply for the sheer joy of it, start immediately. If you don’t like spending time with yourself, why should anyone else? Besides, no one’s going to treat you any better than you treat yourself.

2. Don’t Try to Buy Kiwi in a Shoe Store
If you need a new pair of high heels, do you go to Trader Joe’s? Of course not. You can’t buy something in a store where they don’t sell it. What’s true about shopping is true about life: don’t look for something from someone who can’t (or won’t) give it to you. This goes for friends, lovers, bosses, and everyone else you have a give-and-take relationship with.

3. Get Out of It or Get Into It
If you put up with it – cheap shoes, flaky mascara, a fairweather friend, or some asshole who never calls you back – you end up with it. You can’t complain about something you allow. So change it. If you can’t change it, accept it. Find a way to get into it. Put a bird on it! Otherwise, that misery is going to bleed into other parts of your life and it’s going to be a domino effect of suckiness.

4. Talk About How Pretty You Are (Within Reason)
There’s a place for humility, but there are too many people who don’t appreciate their looks / talents / gifts. Stop it, and start owning who you are, what you’ve got, and what you can do. I’ve been called conceited plenty of times in my day, but I would much rather be known as the girl who gives herself too many compliments than the girl no one wants to be around because she’s a confidence-lacking Debbie Downer. By the way, did you know that I have a slammin’ rack and am an excellent writer?

5. Wear High Heels
Flats are for toddlers and tweens. Look, I understand the comfort value of a flat, sure, but high heels just make you look so much better. They improve your posture, lengthen your silhouette, and make your legs look amazing. Besides, the higher the heel, the closer to the top shelf liquor.

You know the power of a good eyebrow! Threading, preferably, because it just leaves such a clean line.

Thanks, Bren!

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