Met Ball 2013 Hairstyle: Minka Kelly

Jen Atkin styled Minka Kelly for the red carpet tonight at the Met Ball 2013. Says Atkin “For Minka’s look, our inspiration was punk meets traditional glamour.  She has the BEST hair. I wanted her hair up to show off the neckline on her dress and showcase the gorgeous dark lip she was wearing.” Here, Atkin’s tips for recreating Minka Kelly’s hairstyle. 

1.       Spray hair with a beach spray and rough dry with your hands.
2.       Next, create a loose bend in your hair using a large NUMI curling iron on large sections of hair and a texture spray.
3.       Then, separate hair into four ponytails and braid each.
4.       Tease the braids by gently brushing them with a Sonia Kashuk brush to add fly aways and create a messier look.
5.       Wrap the braids around your head and secure with bobby pins. Let pieces fall around your hairline for a more undone look.
6.       Atkin then added a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Fallon at the sides of her hair to complement the dress. “With punk being the theme, we could add more pops of sparkle and flash,” said Atkin.

7.      Finish with hairspray to set the look.

Minka Kelly, per usual, looks gorge. What say you?

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