Bra-VO, Warner’s This Is Not A Bra (Even Though It Is)

LOTS of things don’t impress me much, in the sage words of Shania Twain. Men. The fact that we don’t yet have flying cars as Back To The Future II would indicate (though to be fair, we have 4 years to make good on that, auto makers). That beauty technology hasn’t yieded a better way to appear sunkissed than spray tans

But one thing that’s knocking my proverbial socks off? BRAS. They’re much more comfortable, flattering (back fat is so 2010!) and downright supportive of late. I thought nothing could rip my Spanx Bra-llelujah from my cold, manicured hands, but color me enchanted by my new Warner’s This Is Not A Bra. It IS one, by the by. That must be an Opposite Day advertising campaign.

Here’s what’s great about this over-the-shoulder boulder holder:  It boasts a  hidden underwire, encased in soft padding, and covered in luxuriously smooth satin. So no harsh underwire comes anywhere near your girls. Plus, I know I sound all get-off-my-lawn and where’s-my-wicker-purse in a most Sophia Petrillo way, but I just love how full-coverage it is (though potential suitors will not). This everyday piece will provide an excellent foundation for your most glorious outfits of 2011. Promise. Try it on out. 

The Warner’s This Is Not A Bra is available at Macy’s for $34.

Disclosure: Press sample provided by Warner’s for editorial consideration.

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