Eff the Recession: American Apparel Goodies You NEED

I’ve spent months on a self-imposed shopping moratorium, but I decided to take a short “buyatus” if you will, friends. I needed some American Apparel in my lifestyle. And am I glad I headed on over there, because I picked up some essentials that will take me far during #NYFW. Here’s what I bought:

These substantial super-stretchy leggings reduce New York winds to a mere breeze, thanks to its thick, stretch terry construction. Their bulk renders them more slimming, as well. I wonder how I lived without them.

It takes a lot for a one-shoulder anything to win me over, but this flared princessy skirt wooed me. Its conservative knee-length means I can even rock it to work with a cardi. I love a dually-functional piece.

American Apparel Tri-Blend Sleeveless Pleated Pocket Dress ($38)

I actually REBOUGHT this one. This summer, I LITERALLY wore it to death. I.e., it had holes in it. It pained me to throw it out, but it was sort of fun to buy myself a new incarnation in a darker charcoal/almost black grey. I plan to rock it with my winter leggings and a ruffly sweater until summer starts. Let’s hope I don’t have to invest in a third by then!

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