Fictionary: Pigment Of Your Imagination

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

This week, I attended a press event held at MAC Pro where I learned about the latest nail news from the behemoth beauty brand. MAC Cosmetics is introducing 31 colors and 3 finishes in the brand’s first permanent Nail Lacquer Collection beginning July 5 at Nordstrom and MAC stores; August 2 at counters nationwide.

My MAC Pigment CalGel mani

We also got to partake in a little nail trick my gal Keri Blair, senior makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics’s been doing for years–using MAC Pigments mixed with CalGel to create a custom gel manicure. That’s my mani, above, a melange of MAC pigment in Antique Gold mixed with a touch of 3D Gold. It’s a Pigment Of My Imagination, if I do say so myself. My next gel concoction will include my beloved Frozen White pigment.

The Epcot Figment. Here for no other reason than rhyming with “pigment.”

But back to the collection of nail shades–there are hues ranging from screaming brights to neutral delights, all in the creamy consistency and color payoff you expect from MAC. Here, the full list.

MAC Nail Lacquers
Skin – light peach beige (cream)
Anti-Fashion – mid-toned purple with pearlized pigments (frost)
Midnight Tryst – dark cool grey steel with pearlized pigments (frost)
Coffee Break – mid-tone cool taupe (cream)
Fiestaware – mid-tone orange coral (cream) – repromote
Flaming Rose – true red (cream)
Delicate – pale sheer ballet pink (cream) – repromote
Faint of Heart – palest milky nude (cream)
Discotheque – super glitter silver (pearl)
Screaming Bright – super glitter gold (pearl)
Girl Trouble – super glitter pink (pearl)
Snob – light neutral pink (cream) – repromote
Saint Germain – light cool pink (cream) – repromote
Girl About Town – bright blue fuchsia (cream) – repromote
Impassioned – bright warm pink (cream) – repromote
Morange – bright orange (cream) – repromote
Spirit of Truth – navy blue (cream)
Formidable – teal green with pink multi changing pearl (pearl) – repromote
Mean & Green – purple with teal multi changing pearl (pearl) – repromote
Soiree – sparkly light bronze gold (frost)
Quiet Time – beige nude (cream) – repromote
Deep Sea – deep teal (cream) – repromote
Steamy – bright mid-tone blue pink (cream) – repromote
Dark Angel – dark grape (cream) – repromote
Nightfall – blackened frosty gunmetal (frost) – repromote
Nocturnelle – rich true black (cream) – repromote
Vintage Vamp – rich deep wine (cream) – repromote
Shirelle – classic bright red (cream) – repromote
Rougemarie – dark blue red (cream) – repromote
Overlacquer – clear topcoat repromote

And tell me: What’s the Pigment Of Your Imagination?

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