Destination: Procrastination

Caboodles celebrates 25 years of makeup organization in contrasting neons. Mine was purple and mint. What color was yours?
[Allure Daily Beauty Reporter]

DIY nail art made simple
[Women’s Health]

Cat’s three cold essentials
[XO Jane]

This kiss me stamp is pretty cool
[The Luxury Spot]

In defense of the crazy I-banker who sent the crazypants email post-first date with Lauren
[The Frisky]

“Womanizer” gets the Pop Up Video treatment
[MTV Buzzworthy]

Where does your boyfriend’s personality fall in the spectrum of Christmas characters?
[The Gloss]

How to survive your family over the holidays
[College Candy]

What XO Jane staffers are wearing to work

Twenty-five things about Elizabeth Olsen
[Betty Confidential]

The eight types of holiday hookups
[Your Tango]

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