Medifast and Nutrisystem: Review and Discount Coupons

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The US weight management market is estimated to reach $500 billion in 2014 as millions of people start a new diet each year. But whereas fad diets come and go, one weight loss program that is based on science and clinical studies has been helping America get thinner and healthier for over 30 years.

Medifast is emerging as a destination for overweight people who are looking to shed the pounds safely and permanently.

What is Medifast?

Medifast is a proven weight management program. The company (Medifast, Inc) is based in Maryland (USA) and is one of the top 100 fastest-growing small public companies rising above their competitor Nutrisystem.
The plan has a successful history of over 3 decades. Unlike other popular weight loss programs (Weight Watchers, Atkins, Nutrisystem, etc), Medifast boasts the recommendation of over 20,000 doctors.

How Does Medifast Work?

The program works by replacing 5 of your 6 daily meals with nutritionally balanced pre-packaged food. More than 70 food items (in the form of soups, shakes, bars, pancakes, puddings, drinks, etc) comprise the variety of Medifast meals that cater to different taste likes and preferences. The 6th meal is called Green and Lean and dieters themselves prepare it. It consists of a lean protein source (turkey, chicken, low fat cheese, etc) and low carb vegetables.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Fat loss is achieved through calorie restriction. The daily calories you will be consuming while on the Medifast diet program is in the range of 800-1000. This results in 2-5 pounds weight loss weekly.

Medifast Coupons and Discount Codes

Unlike Nutrisystem, Medifast coupons available online every day. In fact, you should never pay the full price for this plan. A Medifast coupon code will save you $50. This is an 18% savings discount.

Who is Medifast Diet For?

I would recommend Medifast only to those who are mentally prepared to follow a proven, yet strict, low calorie diet with the purpose of losing weight fast and safely. There is a lot of support in this plan both during the weight loss phase and the transition phase, which aims to help you keep the weight off forever.

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