Face Wash Week Winner!

Divastar96 is the winner of the Origins Organics Foaming Face Wash contest! Divastar, I like your style. Your suggestions were the best. Email me your address and I’ll send your face wash to you!

For the record, here are Divastar’s suggestions:
Sade – “Smooth Operator” – A great one, but we already did that for shaving paraphernalia!
Rod Stewert – “Forever Young”
Sarah McLachlan – “Steaming”
Phil Collins – “(Against All Odds)Take a Look at Me Now”

I think, however, that they’re not 100% representative of face wash, so I’ve decided to call it, Wash Me Amadeus Week. You know, like “Rock me Amadeus” by Falco? If you don’t know of what I speak, check this:

I know. I’m not jazzed about it either. It turns out, there REALLY is no readily recognizable 80s song title in keeping the face wash theme. I even considered using a line (not the title) from Pat Benatar’s “We Belong”: “Try to wash the palette clean.” But that line is buried DEEP within the song and even I, a Pat Benatar enthusiast, would not have recognized it right off. Stay tuned for my recs for the best face washes! Wash Me Amadeus Week will take place in the next 2-3 weeks.

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