Snooki’s New Bangs

What do we think of Snooki’s new bangs? She dropped the pouf and traded it in for a blunt fringe that I think it’s pretty fabulous on her–though I would like to see some more volume at the crown. I grew used to it. Maybe not POUF-status… but still a little fullness. And am I wrong in noticing that her hair looks a lot like that of Patti Stanger?

That lipstick, however, is another story.

Weigh in on both Snooki’s hair AND makeup in the comments.

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8 Comments Snooki’s New Bangs

  1. mamavalveeta03

    I detest the culture of celebrity for celebrity’s sake! Snooki has no talent deserving of attention. So, I think she can change her bangs, class it up (*sarcasm), hire a stylist, and it’ll still be trying to “change a sow’s ear into a silk purse.”

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks so much Amber, and Jason. had a feeling that was it. I’m reluctant to let him “fix it” because I don’t want to damage my hair, and I don’t really trust any fix right now.
    I had been using the new L’Oreal drugstore line of sulfate free shampoo – LOVE it, the fortifying version. Of course now I’m back to Garnier Fructis for now. Funny you mentioned it above, that’s what was already in my shower for my guy.
    I’ve washed 3 times in the past 24 hours… Hopefully I’m on my way. I will need to figure smoething for the gray that I can tolerate. Did I mention the Richesse barely covered it?! Seriously!!

  3. Amber Katz

    Hi anon,

    Unfortunately Jason said the only thing you can do is shampoo and relax. It’ll get lighter over time 🙁 If you want to get rid of the gray, the ONLY way to do it is to dye it. It will fade after a few washes. Sorry!

  4. Anonymous

    Amber, you are the BEST! How wonderful of you to consult on my behalf as well. You have the best resources 🙂
    I think it’s maybe only 1 official shade too dark from my ntural color. He mixed a 5 and 6. Supposedly they were neutral, but I feel there’s too much red undertone or cast, which I have always despised on people. You know, when in the sun it can look purple? Mine’s not too bad, but it’s pretty far from my natural, which is medium GOLDEN brown. My ends were nautrally bleached out from the sun and were almost dark blonde. I loved it that way. So this is heavy looking on my full, voluminous mane! And it’s subtle to most people (but not for me) that it’s making my fair skin have a yucky undertone from my normal creamy alabaster.
    I’m just distrusting at this point as I’ve always trusted natural best rahter htan altering, at least when it doesn’t just wash off in a day like makeup!


  5. Amber Katz


    OIY, in the words of Chaka Khan, I feel for you. How far is that color from your natural? Typically, when color fades, it gets a bit lighter. However, if it’s not permanent, it should go back to what you started off with–or at least nearly. To get the dye smell out, I’d suggest washing with a sulfate shampoo–most are. Something with a vibrant smell, Garnier’s usually good for that. I don’t have any other ideas at the moment, but I’ve asked colorist to the stars Jason Backe to help! Will get back to you with his ideas!

    Hang in there.


  6. Anonymous

    Oh, glamorous Amber, please help! It’s Anon here again, the graying 32 year old. I did in fact go to a professional, very reputable salon and stylist.
    He used L’Oreal Richesse hair color on me, which is 15 volume (I think that’s preoxide?). The problem is, I HATE the color. It’s too dark and not the right tone for my skin. He thinks it’s fab. I know others will like it, but it’s not ME. So, he explained to me that this is not permanent dye (as that would be the 20 or 22 volume stuff). He also offered to add highlights, or go over it with a lighter permanent dye, also iwth the option of highlights.
    I have researched, and I’m really golden brown and he used neutral brown, which looks so much darker even though it’s the same number. I’ve ruled out anything permanent as I’m already unhappy, why try to fix it and take a gamble in case I’m still unhappy with the fix and it will be permanent.

    SO. My questions are:
    1. If I wait for this to fade, how long will it take?!
    2. When it “fades”, will it go back to original, natural, or just lighter of this crap?
    3. Do you have any other ideas?
    4. How do I get the dye smell out of my hair? It’s like insult to injury reminding you of the hair color even when there’s no mirror around to remind you!

    WAH! Getting old sucks.


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