Avon Femme Fragrance

This post is sponsored by Avon, but all opinions herein are my own.


In the parlance of Allure‘s longtime Lust/Must feature, this must is to Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb’s lust – and at $30, it’s a much more wallet-friendly scent stunt double. And its name is perfect. Femme is French for woman, and this delicate scent is worthy of its moniker. No one knows better than I that things that are French are chicer. I majored in French literature as opposed to English because it’s infinitely chicer to be at a cafe reading Flaubert than it is to read Dickens. Duh.


This glamorous scent makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift, blending jasmine and magnolia with sexy amberwoods. Its Fictitious Fragrance Fan? Orphan Black‘s Sarah Manning, the cunning, sultry con-artist whose edgy femininity yields boundless identity-theft opportunities.

Avon Femme is available on shop.avon.com.

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