Anti-Aging Ammo: Lip Balm and SPF for Face in One

Okay, so a friend of mine remarked to me about how OLD another friend of mine was looking lately (whom the former hadn’t seen in about ten years.) The friend in question suns the HELL out of herself and even fake bakes on a regular basis. I had been trying to stay out of the sun, but I would still allow myself a real tan if I go on vacation or am at a beach for the weekend. No more, girls. Not after I realized that this friend of mine HAD aged more than she’d needed to. And it’s all because she doesn’t use enough SPF. I’d been using SPF 15 but I’ve recently kicked it up to 40 on my face and 30 on my bod. My fave facial sunscreen of late is LUMENE SUN ON THE GO
Protective Sun Care For Face & Lips SPF 40

The packaging lured me in immediately: it’s housed in a slim little tube and the cap has a little lip balm dome built into it. It’s the perfect size for carrying it along in your purse. Available at CVS.

3 Comments Anti-Aging Ammo: Lip Balm and SPF for Face in One

  1. Fabulista

    Hey Jenna,

    It means that I’m limiting my tans. I’ll go in the sun, but I’m wearing at least SPF 40 on my face and at least 30 on my body at all times. I’ll lay out on vacations and occasionally during the summer, but I’m not going to spend anywhere near as much time in the sun as I used to. I used to spend a free hour or two working on my tan with minimal SPF… no more. Does that make sense?

  2. Jenna

    So does this mean you won’t be getting any natural tans anymore, even if it’s just during a nice vacation? Or will you simply be much more careful with your SPF at all times? I’ve been horribly tempted to go to the beach this year myself…


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