Mirror, Mirror In My Purse

In my vision of “beautopia,” there are mirrors on everything. Cell phones, at my desk at work, positioned in the car so that I can see traffic but ALSO so I can see if there’s anything in my teeth. Yes, I’m so vain, I think EVERY song is about me, but I’m not the only one who feels this way and two brands in particular have my narcissistic back when it comes to beauty on-the-go.

Model Mirror
This sassy U.K. brand takes on-the-go primping so seriously, their mirrors boast a large size so you can see your whole face, as the famed Mary Poppins loved to do. And, it gets better: It comes with a battery-operated light so disco bathrooms are no match for your makeup needs. My favorite iteration screams “Excuse Moi” on its outer case. This one’s sold in several stores in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands including Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Holt Renfrew, among others. BUT if you order on the site, lestaitai.com, they’ll deliver anywhere in the US. £20.

Tokyomilk Little Art Flat Pocket Mirrors
Be the fairest of them all with this beautifully designed tiny jewel of a reflective device teeny enough to establish little real estate in your clutch. At $8, it makes a fantastic stocking stuffer. And can you even with the teeny tiny typewriter? It so greatly appeals to my writerly sensibility. Includes a black pouch to act as its own natural habitat in your purse so it won’t get scratched.

And tell me: Do you carry a mirror on you wherever you go?

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Disclosure: Samples provided by brands’ PR

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