First Time Ever: YSL Friends & Family Event!

YSL is doing a Friends & Family event on for the first time!

Starting Monday, December 14 through December 20, YSL Beauty will be offering (exclusively online) 20% off orders plus free shipping! The offer excludes Gift Cards and eGift Certificates.

Just enter code FF2009 at checkout.

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5 Comments First Time Ever: YSL Friends & Family Event!

  1. Jenna

    Actually it works out better for me that it’s at Sephora! I have one of those $15 off beauty insider holiday gift cards and it’s a greater discount to use that on the Sephora site than 20% off at the YSL site!

  2. Jenna

    I just spent some time looking for that holiday set and I really couldn’t find it. Do you happen to have the link handy? I’m really interested in getting it. Thanks!


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