Love Means… Never Having to Interrupt your Flashdance Sesh to Reapply your Gloss

To quote my friend Lee, this is a progressive trend in lip glosses if I’VE ever seen one. I believe this marks a mage (and necessary) movement to include mirrors on ALL makeup, not just compacts. Just call me the beauty Nostradamus. And while you’re at it, the rhymenocerous.

Rimmel’s Light Beam Lip Gloss includes its own mirror and LED light on the lid. Available in six gorge shades: In the Mix – pale pink, After Hours –cherry red, Spotlight – pale purple, In the Limelight – gold, Disco Ball – clear with silver shimmer and Strobe Light – metallic silver.

Yours truly sampled Spotlight and am smitten kitten. I also casually illuminated my friends with the LED light at bars. You know. Just to make sure it works. It tastes fruity, isn’t sticky, and looks divine. Bonus: you can use the light to find your keys in the dark cavern of your purse. Somewhere, former Studio 54 regulars are dying of jealousy.

3 Comments Love Means… Never Having to Interrupt your Flashdance Sesh to Reapply your Gloss

  1. Anonymous

    i freaking LOVED that sht the other night. with the MIRROR, AND the LIGHT!??! i could not BUHLIEVE! im getting one stat. ps- rimmel brown eyeliner is akin to bobbi brown def con 5, never comes off. can you convince rimmel to sell stuff in duane reade? i have a problems getting to a wal-mart

  2. fabulista1

    Hi Kim! Of COURSE you already have a lipgloss with a light. I remember putting on your mother’s makeup with you in like, 2nd grade. People like us are born, not made. I’ll say hi to Lee! I’m seeing her this weekend. You look AMAZING by the way (I saw your pics on myspace)! Hope all is well in FL.

  3. kim chernow-stone

    Hey Amb! It’s Kim Chernow )Stone) from back in the day. I LOVE your blog and read it all the time. Just to let you know Victoria’s Secret Beauty had a similar version of this that I purchased a few months ago. I almost exploded when I found it. My husband started to call the psych ward when he saw me cuddling it. It is awesome and I am gonna have to find the Rimmel version. Take care my dear God we are both equally obsessed with products! say hi to Lee for me. I miss you gals!



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