Megan Fox Without Makeup

After finally getting to watch Megan Fox star on Saturday Night Live in last week’s episode last night, I find myself kind of obsessed with her brows. Megan Fox’s eyebrows are perfectly arched and it got me wondering how much of them are drawn on and how much of it is what she’s born with.

Googling “Megan Fox without makeup” results in tons and tons of pics, but I found this one in which it appears the starlet wearing minimal, if any makeup. Looks to me like the brows are natural, gals. What say you?

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2 Comments Megan Fox Without Makeup

  1. Anonymous

    Everyone seems to claim that she’s not wearing any makeup in these pics but… hello? She definitely is. Lip gloss, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and probably some concealer/powder.

    Though she looks much less makeup heavy in these pics it’s not because there isn’t any on. She just is wearing less heavy handed and more natural looking makeup.

    I think her eyebrows are filled in a bit too.


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