Post-Thanksgiving Indulgence: Haven Spa’s Taj Ma Toes

The pedicure stations at Haven Spa

No one does seasonal anything like Haven Spa in SoHo, save for, perhaps, Martha Stewart. This fall, the relaxation destination is offering a new pedicure to their service menu for a limited time: the Taj Ma Toes pedicure. 

Sip some spiced chai tea while enjoying an ayurvedic-inspired pedicure complete with oils of almond, lemon and geranium nourish your weather-ravaged soles. You’ll soak in a foot bath complete with an herbal scrub, vata oil hot stone massage on legs and feet before your toes are decorated with a metallic, glitter or 18K gold-flecked polish for Taj Mahal tootsies. 

The Taj Ma Toes pedicure is available through February and costs $59 for 45 minutes. Make an appointment by calling 212-343-3515. 

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