Paradise Found at Haven SoHo

Haven’s luxurious pedi lounge

Looking for a mini-retreat from the “concrete jungle?” Enjoy a wallet-friendly “staycation” at Haven Spa. Inspired by the essence of an island paradise, Haven Spa in Soho introduces the Tropical Coconut Manicure, Tropical Coconut Pedicure and Tropical Coconut Escape Body Exfoliation. Infused with pure coconut oil, a natural moisturizer, each of the Tropical Treatments nourishes skin, giving it a luminous glow.

Tropical Coconut Manicure and Pedicure
Get pampered from hand to sole while relaxing with luscious scents inspired by an exotic island destination. The moisturizing manicure and pedicure combination begins with a soothing coconut milk soak that revives dry hands and feet. An expert nail technician files and buffs nails and cuticles to perfection. Dry legs are then gently exfoliated with a coconut scrub and hydrated with a creamy coconut-infused body butter. Top off the experience with your nail color of choice.

Tropical Coconut Manicure (30minutes): $20
Tropical Coconut Pedicure (45 minutes) : $40

Tropical Coconut Escape Body Exfoliation
Say goodbye to flaky skin and become a glowing goddess in 25 minutes. Haven’s signature coconut body scrub gently exfoliates dehydrated layers, leaving skin baby soft and smooth as silk. A deep conditioning lotion is applied to lock in moisture, leaving skin polished and radiant.

Tropical Coconut Escape Body Exfoliation
(25 minutes): $45

150 Mercer Street

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