Love Me Some Lemonade.

My new handbag staple: Philosophy’s Old-Fashioned Lemonade Moisturizing Hand Cream ($15). It’s rich enough to keep my hands smooth after several washings with my office’s standard-issue soap, doesn’t leave my hands too greasy, and the smell. is. divine. I’m not into super sugary scents (or super sweet food, for that matter.) But this dream cream’s refreshing tartness with just a modicum of sugary sweetness is utter olfactory luxury to me. It smells JUST the way my favorite lemonade in the WORLD, Chik-Fil-A‘s diet lemonade smells.

Have we discussed this? I LOVE CHIK-FIL-A. Their nuggets are to die. Every time I eat there, I think about Stuart MacKenzie’s feelings about KFC and how certainly, they must also apply to Chik-Fil-A as there is most definitely an addictive chemical in their nuggets that makes you crave them fortnightly. I actually ate there this past weekend with Daneen after we took in a showing of Twilight (what else?) and I mused during Edward’s explanation that Bella’s blood is like “his own personal brand of heroin,” that I know how he feels. Because I feel that way about Chik-Fil-A’s chicken nuggets with one of their large diet lemonades.

Oh and just like the real thing – it comes in a pink lemonade scent as well! Chik-Fil-A: Are you listening?

Happy Wednesday!

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