Sonia Kashuk Blue Meanie-Blue Blending Sponge

When you use as many beauty products and paraphernalia as I do, you have to draw the line at certain items (for day-to-day makeup – I use EVERYTHING on occasion). I draw my line at powder, toner, and sponges for application. But I’m changing my opinion about the last item in that lineup of late. Sonia Kashuk’s Blending Sponge ($9) boasts a delightfully modern shape, yet delivers, AND comes in the most gorge shade of blue meanie-blue. (I spent a LOT of time watching The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine growing up.) Is the color not a perf match?

Purchase it at Target or at and add some spunk to your vanity table.

3 Comments Sonia Kashuk Blue Meanie-Blue Blending Sponge

  1. monique

    oh, i love this sponge!!! i use it to apply concealer and it is perfect…it is so much better than a traditional sponge for foundation as well! and yes, amber…a perfect match!

    kara, try it… 🙂

  2. kara

    i own this but have never got up the courage to try it…i’ve had bad experiences with old cheapie makeup sponges!

  3. Jenna

    I own this sponge. It’s great for applying tinted moisturizer. It makes it extremely even and natural looking. Plus, it’s so big and blue and squishy. I love it.


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