Christina Hendricks is the New Face of London Fog

Brings new meaning to the phrase, “Make it rain on them hos,” to quote the selected musical stylings of Fat Joe.

Christina Hendricks will appear in London Fog® brand’s fall marketing campaign. Christina was recently named “Best-Looking Woman In America” by Esquire magazine. The marketing campaign will debut in October issues of mags like Elle, Cosmopolitan and InStyle.

It’s inspiring me to will it to rain.You know, more.

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6 Comments Christina Hendricks is the New Face of London Fog

  1. Anonymous

    That is disappointing to hear….how retouched her photos were….yet she is still an extremely beautiful woman. Very curvaceous in a Marilyn Monroe sort of way.

  2. Jenna

    Jezebel posted comparable unretouched pictures… it’s ridiculous how much they took her waist down, and gave her skinny person arms. Ugh.


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