New from T3 + Orlando Pita: T3 360° Refresh

T3 + Orlando Pita, my FAVORITE hair stylist, make it easier than ever to achieve fabulous, hot-weather hair with the introduction of T3 360° Refresh. This volumizing dry shampoo cleans hair without water, and adds volume and texture even in the face of horrendous heat and humidity.

It comes in two USABLE color tones, light and dark and is designed to blend effortlessly with natural hair color, with no visible residue nor evidence. I’ve tried it out and it won’t yield curl on blown-out locks, smells light and citrusy, and feels great to the touch – not tacky or powdery.

T3 360° Refresh will be available in August ($25 for 4 oz.). All T3 360° products are available at ULTA, Nordstrom, Sephora, Henri Bendel, Fred Segal Studio, and fine salons.

Tips for Effortlessly Fabulous, Head-Turning Hair

Whether planning a last minute weekend jaunt to your best friend’s beach house or a week’s vacation in the Caribbean, heat and humidity will cause frizz and wreak havoc on tresses. Don’t beat the heat, embrace it. Follow this advice from T3 + Orlando Pita:

* When high temps leave strands sticking to the scalp, spray hair and scalp with a dry shampoo (such as T3 360° Refresh). “It absorbs grease and adds volume – in seconds,” says Orlando Pita, the man behind this latest product from T3. “Plus, being available in two color tones, it blends seamlessly and is a secret weapon for covering up any roots when there’s no time to see your colorist before heading out of town.”

* Dress up a pony with lots of va-va volume! Spray T3 360° Plump onto hair, massaging it into strands from root to tip. Dry hair with T3 dryer to add volume and shine without damaging locks. With a wide-toothed comb, tease the front part of hair about 3 inches off the forehead to give lift, then secure in the middle of the back of your head, says Pita.

* Coat strands for a sleek, gorgeous and sophisticated look. For maximum frizz-fighting, cuticle smoothing force, smooth a serum, like T3 360° Boost (size of pea) through wet or dry hair. This reparative formulation creates sleek, well-conditioned hair – even in 104° heat waves! And, unlike most oily, silicone-based serums that weigh down hair with a greasy finish – T3 360° Boost’s unique formulation absorbs excess oil and calms unruly hair while leaving a naturally soft, weightless finish.

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