Your Lifestyle Just Infinitely Improved: Introducing T3’s New T3 Pro Collection

I talk about my T3 Evolution with the same pride as a Tribeca mom when she speaks about her totes precocious toddler. It’s the best dryer I’ve ever used. It’s the Mercedes of hair dryers. But maybe you’re not evolved enough financially to drop $300 on a dryer. You’re all, “Quit playing games with my HEART, T3.” Who can blame you? That’s a lot of coin.

T3’s new Pro Collection includes a new Pro Dryer that is equipped with the same T3 patented Flawless infusion process, and the same frizz-fighting, cuticle-sealing Tourmaline technology to deliver the exact same results at a much sexier price tag. $119 in fact. I tested this adorable pink bad boy out and EVERYTHING was the same except that it took a bit longer to style my hair. I found myself running the dryer on the same section of hair once or twice more often than when I use my Evolution. As opposed to the Evolution which dries hair 70% faster than a normal dryer, this dries your hair 50% faster. To save $180, I think you’ll be able to live. I clocked it and it took me 15 minutes instead of my usual 10. It still includes 2 speed and 3 heat controls, a cool shot, a straightening attachment and a professional length cord. Body? Check. Chic smooth sleekness? Check. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in savings, results and gorge pink style.

Also included in the T3 Pro Collection ($119 each):
T3 Pro Mini, a tiny flatiron
T3 Pro Straighten, a larger flatiron
T3 Pro Wet-or-Dry, a flatiron that steams wet hair straight cutting down on drying time

You can find the collection in May 2008 at Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and

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