Swarovski Launches Aura Fragrance And Gloss

Aura Eau de Cologne range. 

This month, ambassadors of bling Swarovski  are launching their first foray into fragrance for the U.S. market, Aura. It is an incandescent, fruity, floral creation. The signature scent of Aura by Swarovski is directly inspired by the magic of cut-crystal-created prisms of light. At the heart of the fragrance is a fusion of amber, benzoin, and white musk. Read on…

The glosses!

Because the brand extends into all aspects of luxury Vitruvian Man style, Swarovski has also created a sparkling gloss for lips nestled in a precious case that can be worn as a necklace or put in a clutch. The scented gloss slicks on a stunning shine thanks to the powdered, micronized Swarovski crystal iridescent pearls in its formula. So you can be all, “Oh, thanks! It’s made of finely ground CRYSTAL PEARLS.”

My gal Erin Cohen, publicist for Swarovski fragrances (among other olfactory gems licensed by Clarins) took these glamazing photos while she was at Swarovski HQ recently in Austria. Check them out!

Bedazzled TREES!
The Swarovski slogan, all aglitter.

Inside Swarovski HQ

Inside Swarovski HQ

Don’t they remind you of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude? If he were to have a headquarters for anything remotely glamorous, he’d totally incorporate this aesthetic.

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