Lash Extensions… or Lancome?

After we left the Ted Gibson Salon on Wednesday, Kristen from TotalBeauty, who’d been sitting next to me at the interview, asked me if I’d had LASH extensions. Because my lashes were looking super-long. First of all. I immediately informed Kristen that we needed to hang out every MINUTE. Anyone who suggests I’ve had a beauty procedure when I haven’t even is welcome in my lifestyle. Secondly: I’m not even sure how lash extensions work. I’ve been using Lancome DÉFINICILS ($23) and it is my new fave mascara. I’m deeply into the patented rubber brush (once you go rubber, you can’t go back) that defines, separates, and minimizes clumps. My lashes are long and curl, naturally. They are indeed, my “moneymaker” as Mary Rambin says. But this mascara takes them to a whole other level. I recommend applying on TOP of your lashes and then sweeping it on underneath. I never understand how some women only blink it on underneath. I feel like the only person who sees you’re wearing mascara when you apply it that way – is you.

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