International Beauty Buys: Andrelon Droogshampoo

Last week I was in Holland browsing the beauty section of a supermarket, when I saw three cans of Andrélon dry shampoo–Verrssend Volume, Zomer Blond and Langer Fris.

I don’t speak Dutch so through the process of elimination (I’m not blonde, I don’t know what langer fris means) I picked up the Verrassend Volume.  A few Google translations later I found out it meant “surprising volume” while the other two are “summer blonde” and “fresh longer.” I will say that this product lives up to its name as it definitely gave me a surprising boost in volume and the fresh scented powder is clear—which, as a brunette, is one of my dry-shampoo prerequisites.  I also love the commercial even though I don’t understand one word of it.

Is this a product you’d try? 

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1 Comment International Beauty Buys: Andrelon Droogshampoo

  1. Malathy Badri

    I too don’t speak Dutch but when it comes to Dutch made beauty products, I know they work and live up to the promise (Sure, I take the help of mighty Google to translate and to read about their promise).

    I wish the Dutch market their beauty related products aggressively worldwide.


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