DIYDS Pedicure Item of the Week: Orly See Yah

As you know, I’m very into DIY (or DIM/YDS – Do it My/Your Damn Self) lately. I learned of Orly’s Divorcee collection and was totally into both the collection name itself and the names of the polishes it comprises, namely One Night Stand, Pawn the Ring, and Take him to the Cleaners. The last title is so reminiscent of Dynasty, I can practically SEE Joan Collins in my midst, screaming, “No one takes me to the cleaners AND to bed in the same night”. Anywho, I had the opportunity to try out See Yah, a dazzling pearlescent red color. Orly’s polishes are great because they come with ergonomic caps that make a difference when you’re handling your own polish. You know, doing it your damn self? Here are my three tips for DIYDS pedis.

1. Sit on the floor, don’t even think of getting comfortable while doing this. Comfort is for the salon. Doing it your damn self means getting on the floor to paint your toes. It may not be as plush, but you can do a better job painting when you can see what you’re doing.

2. Just like at the salon, put your flip flops on before starting to paint.

3. USE those toe separator things. My pinkie toe has established residency under my 4th toe (ring toe?) and I would have a serious mess on my pinkie toe (that no one would ever see, granted, but still) if I didn’t use these.

Pictured above is the entire Divorcee Collection. See Yah is the last color on the right.

Happy Monday!

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2 Comments DIYDS Pedicure Item of the Week: Orly See Yah

  1. fabulista1


    Love the “nose to your toes” tip! I’ll definitely try that out. Sounds more comfy than sitting on the floor. And you’re so right, I like the polish job way better when I do it my damn self. I do, however, prefer to have someone else slough my feet, but saving a cool $30 makes it worth it. xo,

  2. Erika

    I’ve always like the results better when I do it my damn self. Not kidding! I should just get a pedi for the massage because I’m always disappointed with the polish jobs! Another option to sitting on the floor is perched on the edge of your couch with your foot on the coffee table. This way I can practically get my nose to my toes for precision painting. Ha!

    xo, Erika, Makeup Bag


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