"Her Name was Lola!"

“She was a showgirl…”

There are so many songs with “Lola” in them that have to be integrated into my blog titles when I discuss Lola cosmetics, which I adore for so many reasons. The packaging is sublime, they offer unique, useful items and the NAMES of the products cannot be topped. Case in point: Lola’s Creme Blush Stick in Marseilles. The other two options are named St. Tropez and Monte Carlo. Okay? What’s better than that? Now I’ve lauded this fantastic NON-POWDER (you know I’m anti) creme blush/bronzer hybrid before but I’ve just discovered a new trick that I obv had to share. You know how you’re supposed to add a “stripe” (blended, obv) of either highlighter or light concealer on the bridge of your nose to slim it? I discovered that a well-blended stripe of Marseille on my bridge does an EXCELLENT job and looks like I sojourned to Bermuda over the weekend. Check it and let me know what you think. I’m like Sonia Kashuk with this stuff.

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  1. Parisjasmal

    Any post about blush in a stick (sing it like J Timberlake and Andy Samberg)
    and channels my main man, Barry Manilow is a post for me indeed.

    I love Lola products! I will mos def check out this blush.

    KWANZA–Blush in a stick.

    Lovely day to you!


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