Pour Some Sugar on me: The Scrub of your Life

Marcia Kilgore, mastermind behind Bliss Spas, created an easy-on-your-wallet version of her beauty product line for Target called Soap and Glory. I am a sucker for any designer/beauty product extraordinaire creating ANYTHING cheaper at Target. I rock Isaac and GO International designers on a regular and am rarely disappointed. So obv, I was totally into Soap and Glory. First of all. LOVE the packaging and of Scrub of your Life. It’s very Benefit-esque. Any product created by Marcia Kilgore is bound not to disappoint, and this is no exception. There are fewer, very rounded granules, good for those with sensitive skin. It’s a gel with stuff as opposed to straight up sugar or salt mixed with some kind of oil. It works, but I found that I prefer a more abrasive scrub. The moisturizing properties are impressive. It smells nice, but kind of Designer Imposter-ish (“I thought it REEKED!” “I believe that was your Designer Imposter perfume?”–Clueless). I think it’s the rose oil it contains, the scent of which, I’m not a huge fan. Dryer skinned gals who appreciate a rosy scent will definitely enjoy. $15 at Target.

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