Fabulous Reformulation: L’Oreal Paris Le Gloss

I believe in reincarnation. Remember that epic scene in Defending Your Life when they went to the Past Lives Pavillion to see who they’ve been in former existences?

So I fully support reincarnation when it comes to beauty products. L’Oreal Paris has given their gloss a makeover (but don’t worry, Colour Juices are still available if you like a sticker, more robust gloss) and unveiled a more balm-like, less sticky, hydrating iteration. Read on…

The new gloss contains Omega 3, Argan Oil and Vitamin E for an incredibly hydrated pout. It comes in several new shades: Mystic Mauve, Violet Attitude, Chocolate Obsession, Red Ravishing, Plum Rush, Nude Touch, Baby Blossom, naturally Nude, Saucy Mauve, Blushing Berry and Peach Fuzz.

Red Ravishing (pictured, right) is that clear red I’m ALWAYS searching for. It absolutely nails that jelly apple plexiglas moment I totally want to have. Peach Fuzz is a fabulous inexpensive rich orange-tinged coral.

Get involved with the new L’Oreal Paris Le Gloss at your local drugstore, or at Target, where it retails for $6.

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