Sara’s September Favorites

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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brush: I am forever in search of a perfect brush, and my allegiances remain strong until the next can’t-apply-makeup-without-it face saver comes along. My absolute fave lately has been this wonderfully high-quality synthetic powder brush. The brush itself is large enough and has such a high hair count that I’ll usually forgo nearly all other brushes altogether and use this to blend in liquid foundations and contouring shades, boost the application work of my blush brush, and top it all off with a powder (its intended use). “Heavenly Luxe” is an apt name, because your makeup game will feel ethereally luxurious after you achieve a DIY airbrush effect.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: This is truly the first cleansing wipe I’ve used that doesn’t require endless scrubbing, trust. Just swipe it firmly across your face and watch layers of makeup disappear onto its soft white fibers. Even layered-on waterproof mascara or multiple primed-up shades of eyeshadow come off with a few gentle dabs across your eyes. And because these wipes are from Simple, they’re gentle, refreshing, and won’t leave your skin feeling irritated.

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer: I’m relatively new to the world of lip primers, and I’ve been using this Cargo HD primer on the daily just before any lipstick application. It’s hydrating and plumping, and will smooth lips over for a softened look moments prior to your color going on for the long haul. It also works well with any consistency (from glossy to matte).

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream: I use the ‘light to medium’ shade of this BB as an everyday, foundation-replacing face base. This cream blends hassle-free, smooths over any blemishes, and smells AMAZE (seriously, I’ve gotten compliments on its pleasant, fresh scent). If you’re new to BB or just want more coverage out of your makeup, Olay Fresh Effects is the way to go.

And now, I want to hear from you: What are you loving this month?

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